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My Current Reading List – January 2015


One of the new features I wanted to do on the blog this year was a regular reading list.  There’s nothing like having a child that will quickly rid your life of time to read, right?

Above is my current stack of books – you should see the magazines that lying around unread!  See all those bookmarks?  I have a terrible habit of starting lots of books at once, and sometimes not finishing any of them.  I’m getting more serious now about picking back up on reading regularly and finishing books.  I found some interesting books at the library, and a few were Christmas gifts.  As you can see, I really enjoy Sally Clarkson’s books.   :-)

Unless there are extra days miraculously added to this month, I will not be finishing all these books in January.  But I am making changes to my schedule to allow for more reading time.  Just a few minutes for a chapter here and there can add up quickly.

Here’s what I plan to read:

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Drop falling of mint leaf in an essential oil bottleYes, the title of this article is meant to be tongue-in-cheek, but it is also factual as well. I’ve noticed something – a trend of sorts – flooding my inbox and social media feeds. Posts after posts about the “dangers” of essential oils.  It has become fear-mongering at its finest.  (Side note: And let’s just clear this up right now in case for some reason you don’t know – I am an independent distributor with Young Living Essential Oils.  What I am writing here is about an issue, not about my particular company of choice.)

The same people who askew a majority of modern Western medicine practices, moms who serve only organic food, cloth diaper their babies and tout the use herbal and other alternative therapies, are very, VERY, V E R Y concerned about YOU using essential oils. And here’s what I’ve noticed: most of the people who are writing these posts are not certified aromatherapists, holistic practitioners or the like. They are regular people who’ve decided that essential oil useage by the masses may be a clear and present danger. Some of the articles I’ve read have been downright silly, while others do contain some common sense application cautions.

Yet, the bigger problem isn’t always the absurdity of claims presented in these warning articles, but the harsh “at-a-boy” comments, tales of bad essential oil stories by readers, and inevitably, the bashing of those MLM oil companies that someone doesn’t like (usually because they are an MLM.)

Here’s my thoughts on this whole “controversy:” Read More


Are you weary today?

A big fat failure.  That’s what I feel like sometimes.  Do you ever feel that way?  Invisible, forgotten, unwanted, not good enough, don’t fit in, can’t seem to get it all right.

I want to encourage you with this song.  Jesus loves you.  He IS FOR YOU.  He is for your family and everything that pertains to you.  Sometimes we all need to be reminded that we are loved, accepted and wanted by the One Who gave all for each of us.  Run to Him today!




The keys to real, lasting change in 2015

Happy 2015!  I believe down in my bones that this year is going to be amazing.  Will it have its challenges and hardships.  You betcha.  But can you still have overcoming victory in spite of that?  ABSOLUTELY!

I really struggled toward the end of last year with what content to post on the site.  I had shared information with you about natural ways you may improve your physical health.  And I also laid my heart open as I discussed my past child abuse and struggles with inner healing.  Every time I was asked to shared my story or felt led to do so in my own post, it took every ounce of emotional and physical strength I had and then some. Being transparent is not easy.  It wiped me out physically and emotionally and left me feeling a bit vulnerable.  However, I also know that it was extremely necessary that I do so.  I wanted you to know that I’m real – I’ve had real pain and real hurdles.  And most of all I want you to know that if you’ve been through abuse/misuse of any kind, trauma, death of a loved one, etc., there is hope, help and healing for you.

As you know, it is common at the start of each new year for people to make resolutions and/or goals. Weight loss and healthy lifestyle improvements generally top that list.  Those are great pursuits that will certainly increase the quality of anyone’s life.  But this year, right now, I want to talk about real, lasting change.  The type that comes from a change of heart, from having Light shined in those dark and maybe painful places of our inner selves.  Starting this month, we’re going to be talking about peace as it pertains to our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and relational well-being.  So many times the burdens we think are being carried on the outside are actually burdens that started on the inside of us.  And I’m super excited about some free bonus materials that we’re going to be providing for you to help you in your journey toward great peace.  I’ll let you know more about that as I am able to make them available to you – they’ll only be available to our newsletter subscribers!  (You can subscribe on the sidebar.———–>) Read More